Nuclear slide rules (via butdoesitfloat)

Richard Feynman - Ode To A Flower

Pyro Board: 2D Rubens Tube

"More fire is always better."  Oh, Danish scientist guy.  I think you might be my soulmate. (via Colossal)

The Weight of Mountains

This is a short film about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed. It is based upon the work of British geographer L. Dudley Stamp, and was shot in Iceland.

Physical geography and geology is an enormous and fascinating subject, and this film only touches upon the surface of the discipline.


Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough

Assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory. The discovery, made by Kuo and his colleagues at the BICEP2 experiment, represents the first images of gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time. These waves have been described as the “first tremors of the Big Bang.”

"B-modes of gravitational waves have been detected in the cosmic microwave background radiation.” (via io9)

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Explains Polar Vortex Behind U.S. Big Chill

X-ray photograph of tulips, colorized. (by Arie van’t Riet)

X-ray photograph of tulips, colorized. (by Arie van’t Riet)

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